Insurance industry is facing the challenge of reaching their customers and staying on the same page in regard to their payments, insurance dues, insurance packages updates and sometimes simple outreach and market expansion marketing.

What’s the challenges?

Reaching clients: Lack of reliable communication channel, low access to communication tools by clients and low penetration rate of insurance are many issues faced by insurance in their market expansion and customer outreach.

Easy insurance: Low branch rates, time limitations or simply forgetting to pay insurance are some of the issues faced by insurance clients or potential clients.

Our proposed solution

Leveraging high mobile penetration rate, we provide SMS based notification services to insurance companies, enabling them to reach out to their clients for any kind of communication needed to be conveyed. Hewe SMS solution provides a friendly, easy to use web based application which allow our clients to send SMS notifications to their clients, grouping contacts, broadcast or multicast, checking balance, a comprehensive analysis of their account status, message sent logs and business analytics tools for visualizing the company activities.