Micro Finances Institutions

One of our areas of specialty is Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) Management Information Systems. Though playing a crucial role in the country’s financial systems and being the most accessible way for the common man to get a loan or make his savings, MFIs have been neglected by the IT industry in the country. MFIs have limited choices in terms of Management Information Systems (MIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and IT services they can rely on.

Hewe aims at leveraging this lack of interest from the existing IT services providers and provides state of the art, proven and open source MIS to MFIs in Burundi first and aim at expanding it across the east African region later on. Customization and adaptation to the local realities of the MFI industry in Burundi is being done on the Mifos x platform to ensure its suitability and usability. Moreover, we are looking at integrating the platform with mobile payment solutions, a gaining popularity system for money remittance and transfer in the country.