Business Services

IT Consulting

Here, we listen first. We engage business executives in a two ways conversation where we try to understand their business operations and daily challenges. We then propose innovative solutions that will transform their businesses and help them gain a competitive edge on the market.  Moreover, considering the challenging economic environment of the country and the lack of expertise in IT, we propose to business cutting edge technologies that are mostly open source, cloud based and mobile, and are affordable and suitable to the business environment. This way, we lower enterprises upfront capital investment in IT, reduce them maintenance and IT operations cost, we allow them to focus on their core competencies and finally we leverage on the pervasiveness of mobile to create new market opportunities by reaching people in remote areas. In a country where 90% of the population is still rural, we believe that it makes a difference.

Business Applications

At Hewe, we tap into existing prepackaged applications that have proved their superiority elsewhere in the world. Partnering with multiple companies across the World, Hewe proposes local businesses robust solutions developed by partner companies that can solve complex issues and lower products and services costs. This is possible because most of business operations share similar patterns across industries. Hewe customizes such applications by adding a local touch by adapting them to local conditions and preexisting regulations, making them fit to our clients.