Mobile Services

Enterprises worldwide are rapidly adopting mobile technologies, a disruptive innovation that is changing the way corporations do business and communicate. In Africa, particularly, this innovation has gained acceptance to a level never seen before with previous innovations such as fixed line telephone, personal computers or let’s say, electricity. 650 million Africans are connected to a mobile network; mostly using feature phones. Burundi is not exception to this amazing phenomenon. 24% of the Burundian population or 1.6 million people own a mobile phone, 10 years after the launch of 2G network in the country. These numbers not only suggest that a wider audience can be reached but it also changes the way companies usually communicate with their customers. Whereas usual channels of communications are one way, broadcast style communication, mobile devices allow a two way interaction, dialogue style communication where companies get real time feedback from their customers and let consumers build their products through active feedbacks they provide through their devices.

Hewe aims at transforming business processes by incorporating mobility. We assist enterprises in rethinking and redesigning their business processes around mobile devices in order to fully benefit from the wide adoption of those devices. We approach companies, understand their business processes and incorporate mobility through their supply chains.

Our proposed solutions are SMS based as the vast majority of consumers are using feature phones. Android based applications are also provided as platform for exchanging information and for staff communication.